Toby Inkster avatar Toby Inkster committed 49dd042

restore namespace::sweep

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 	use Carp qw(croak);
 	use Moo::Role qw();
 	use Module::Runtime qw(use_module use_package_optimistically);
-	use namespace::clean;
 	use Module::Pluggable (
 		search_path => 'Ask',
 		except      => [qw/ Ask::API Ask::Functions /],
 		inner       => 0,
 		require     => 0,
+		sub_name    => '__plugins',
+	use namespace::sweep;
 	sub import {
+	sub plugins {
+		__plugins(@_);
+	}
 	sub detect {
 		my $class  = shift;
 		my %args   = @_==1 ? %{$_[0]} : @_;
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