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late loading for CGI::Session, make deprecation clearer

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 package CGI::Auth::FOAF_SSL;
 use 5.010;
-use common::sense 0;
 use CGI::Auth::FOAF_SSL::Agent 0;
-use CGI::Session 0;
 use Scalar::Util 0 qw[blessed];
 use Web::ID 1.900;
 use Web::ID::Util;
 sub _build_session
+	require CGI::Session;
 	my $s = CGI::Session->new('driver:file', undef, {Directory => File::Spec->tmpdir});
 	return $s;
 CGI::Auth::FOAF_SSL - authentication using WebID (FOAF+SSL)
+CGI::Auth::FOAF_SSL was the original WebID module for Perl, but it is
+now deprecated in favour of L<Web::ID>.
+L<Web::ID> has a cleaner interface and is less CGI-specific. It should
+work equanlly well in other HTTPS contexts. It has L<Plack> middleware
+(but its core does not rely on Plack). Use it.
+CGI::Auth::FOAF_SSL is now just a backwards-compatibility wrapper around
+L<Web::ID>. It will be maintained until at least June 2013.
 =head1 SYNOPSIS
   use CGI qw(:all);
 =head1 SEE ALSO
-CGI::Auth::FOAF_SSL was the original WebID module for Perl, but it
-is now just a wrapper around L<Web::ID>, which is better and has a
-cleaner interface.
 Helper module: