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File lib/Class/Method/ModifiersX/

 (Note that the synopsis shows Perl v5.14+ syntax for package declaration,
-but this module and its accompanying Moo and Role::Tiny wrappers support
-Perl v5.8 and above.)
+but this module and its accompanying Moo wrapper support Perl v5.8 and 
 L<MRO::Compat> is also required for Perl versions earlier than 5.010.
-The accompanying module L<MooX::Augment> requires L<Moo> . However, the
+The accompanying module L<MooX::Augment> requires L<Moo>. However, the
 installation scripts for this distribution do not check that this is
 installed. If you use L<MooX::Augment>, it is assumed that you have installed
 its dependencies separately.