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fixed german translations (thanks cpan:FLORA)

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File lib/DateTimeX/Format/

 		minutes   => ["%d minutes ago", "a minute ago"],
 	$__{DE} = {
-		future    => "in die Zukunft",
-		recent    => "vorhin",
+		future    => "in der Zukunft",
+		recent    => "gerade jetzt",
 		years     => ["vor %d Jahren", "vor einem Jahr"],
 		months    => ["vor %d Monaten", "vor einem Monat"],
 		weeks     => ["vor %d Wochen", "vor einer Woche"],
 I'm actively seeking translations - only have English and German so far.
 Feel free to attach patches for other languages as bug reports.
-German translations are probably dodgy, as I am not a native speaker.
 =head1 SEE ALSO
 L<DateTime>, L<DateTime::Format::Natural>.