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 use common::sense;
 use overload '""' => \&to_string;
-our $VERSION = '0.080_01';
+our $VERSION = '0.080_02';
 our $Safe    = 1;
 use Error qw[:try];
 Related modules: L<JSON>, L<JSON::T>.
+Similar functionality: L<Data::Path>, L<Data::DPath>, L<Data::SPath>,
+L<Hash::Path>, L<Path::Resolver::Resolver::Hash>, L<Data::Nested>,
+L<Data::Hierarchy>... yes, the idea's not especially new. What's different
+is that JSON::Path uses a vaguely standardised syntax with implementations
+in at least three other programming languages.
 =head1 AUTHOR
 Toby Inkster E<lt>tobyink@cpan.orgE<gt>.