1. Toby Inkster
  2. p5-json-path


p5-json-path / t / 01basic.t

=head1 PURPOSE

Some basic JSON Path selection tests, including some using C<eval>,
checking that its disallowed by default but can be switched on using
the C<< $JSON::Path::Safe >> package variable.

=head1 AUTHOR

Toby Inkster E<lt>tobyink@cpan.orgE<gt>.


Copyright 2010-2013 Toby Inkster.

This module is tri-licensed. It is available under the X11 (a.k.a. MIT)
licence; you can also redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
terms as Perl itself.


use Test::More tests => 10;
BEGIN { use_ok('JSON::Path') };

use JSON;
my $object = from_json(<<'JSON');
	"store": {
		"book": [
				"category": "reference",
				"author":   "Nigel Rees",
				"title":    "Sayings of the Century",
				"price":    8.95
				"category": "fiction",
				"author":   "Evelyn Waugh",
				"title":    "Sword of Honour",
				"price":    12.99
				"category": "fiction",
				"author":   "Herman Melville",
				"title":    "Moby Dick",
				"isbn":     "0-553-21311-3",
				"price":    8.99
				"category": "fiction",
				"author":   "J. R. R. Tolkien",
				"title":    "The Lord of the Rings",
				"isbn":     "0-395-19395-8",
				"price":    22.99
		"bicycle": {
			"color": "red",
			"price": 19.95

my $path1 = JSON::Path->new('$.store.book[0].title');
is("$path1", '$.store.book[0].title', "overloaded stringification");

my @results1 = $path1->values($object);
is($results1[0], 'Sayings of the Century', "basic value result");

@results1 = $path1->paths($object);
is($results1[0], "\$['store']['book']['0']['title']", "basic path result");

my $path2 = JSON::Path->new('$..book[-1:]');
my ($results2) = $path2->values($object);

is(ref $results2, 'HASH', "hashref value result");
is($results2->{isbn}, "0-395-19395-8", "hashref seems to be correct");

ok($JSON::Path::Safe, "safe by default");

ok(!eval {
	my $path3 = JSON::Path->new('$..book[?($_->{author} =~ /tolkien/i)]');
	my $results3 = $path3->values($object);
}, "eval disabled by default");

$JSON::Path::Safe = 0;

my $path3 = JSON::Path->new('$..book[?($_->{author} =~ /tolkien/i)]');
my ($results3) = $path3->values($object);

is(ref $results3, 'HASH', "dangerous hashref value result");
is($results3->{isbn}, "0-395-19395-8", "dangerous hashref seems to be correct");