p5-moosex-semantic / t / rdf_metabuilder.t

use Test::More;
use Test::Moose;
use RDF::Trine::Namespace qw(rdf);
use RDF::Trine qw(iri);
use Data::Dumper;
use MooseX::Semantic::Test::Person;
use MooseX::Semantic::Test qw(ser ser_dump diff_models);

use MooseX::Semantic::MetaBuilder::Class;
use MooseX::Semantic::MetaBuilder::Attribute;

my $MOOSE = 'http://moose.perl.org/onto#';
my $moose = RDF::Trine::Namespace->new($MOOSE);
my $base_uri = 'http://myapp/';
my $test_model = RDF::Trine::Model->temporary_model;
# my $classes;

warn ser_dump( $test_model );

    package EmptyMoosePackage;
    use Moose;

my $classes_iter = $test_model->subjects( $rdf->type, $moose->Class );
while (my $res = $classes_iter->next) {
    my $metaclass = MooseX::Semantic::MetaBuilder::Class->new_from_model( $test_model, $res );
    # warn Dumper $metaclass;
    $metaclass->add_attributes_to_class( 'EmptyMoosePackage' );
# warn Dumper(
    # EmptyMoosePackage->meta->get_attribute('knows')
# );
# warn Dumper __PACKAGE__->meta;
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