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silence some potential "in cleanup" errors

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 	use overload qw[bool] => sub { 0 };
 	sub DESTROY {
 		'Moo::Role'->apply_single_role_to_package('Moo::HandleMoose', MooX::CaptainHook::ON_INFLATION)
-			unless Role::Tiny::does_role('Moo::HandleMoose', MooX::CaptainHook::ON_INFLATION);
+			if Moo::HandleMoose->can('inject_real_metaclass_for')
+			&& !Role::Tiny::does_role('Moo::HandleMoose', MooX::CaptainHook::ON_INFLATION);
 	if ($Moo::HandleMoose::SETUP_DONE)
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