p5-p5u / lib / P5U / Command / Aliases.pm

package P5U::Command::Aliases;

use 5.010;
use strict;
use utf8;
use P5U-command;

	$P5U::Command::Aliases::AUTHORITY = 'cpan:TOBYINK';
	$P5U::Command::Aliases::VERSION   = '0.004';

use constant {
	abstract    => q[show aliases for p5u's commands],
	usage_desc  => q[%c aliases],

sub description
Most p5u commands can be invoked with shorter aliases.

	p5u version Mouse 
	p5u v Mouse           # same thing

The aliases command (which, ironically, has no shorter alias) shows existing

sub command_names

sub opt_spec

sub execute
	my ($self, $opt, $args) = @_;
	my $filter = scalar(@$args)
		? $args
		: sub { not(shift ~~ [qw(aliases commands help)]) };
	foreach my $cmd (sort $self->app->command_plugins)
		my ($preferred, @aliases) = $cmd->command_names;
		printf("%-16s: %s\n", $preferred, "@aliases")
			if $preferred ~~ $filter;

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