p5-rdf-rdfa-api / lib / RDF / RDFa / API / DataParser / RDFa_11.pm

package RDF::RDFa::API::DataParser::RDFa_11;

use 5.010;
use Moose;
use namespace::clean -except => 'meta';
use common::sense;

with 'RDF::RDFa::API::DataParser';

sub parse
	my ($self, $domElement, $base) = @_;
	my $parser = RDF::RDFa::Parser->new(
		RDF::RDFa::Parser::Config->new('xhtml', '1.1'),
		ontriple => sub {
			my ($parser_again, $elements, $triple) = @_;
			next unless 1; # next unless $elements->{current} is a descendent or equal to $domElement
			my $api_triple = RDF::RDFa::API::RDFTriple->fromTrine($triple, $elements);

sub iterate
	die "Not implemented yet.\n";

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