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fix for rt#80121

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 	# curry (kinda)
 	return sub { overloads(shift, $thing) } if @_==1;
+	return unless defined $thing;
 	goto \&overload::Method;


 	readme_from       m`Scalar::Does`;
 	requires          p`namespace::clean 0.19`;
 	requires          p`IO::Detect 0.001`;
-	requires          p`namespace::clean 0.19`;
 	requires          p`Scalar::Util 1.23`;
-	requires          p`Carp`;
 	requires          p`Sub::Exporter`;
+	test_requires     p`Test::NoWarnings 0`;
 	test_requires     p`Test::More 0.61`.
 require Scalar::Does;
 Scalar::Does::does(undef, 'ARRAY');
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