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revise Moo::Role documentation

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   does($thomas, 'Transport');      # true
   does($thomas, Transport->meta);  # not yet supported!
-L<Mouse::Object> should be compatible enough to work as well, but currently
-not L<Moo::Object>.
+L<Mouse::Object> should be compatible enough to work as well.
 See also:
 =head2 Relationship to Role::Tiny and Moo roles
-At the time of writing, Role::Tiny roles B<< do not >> work as roles for
-Scalar::Does. There is an open ticket against Role::Tiny which, if resolved,
-should fix this.
+Roles using Role::Tiny 1.002000 and above provide a C<DOES> method, so
+should work with Scalar::Does just like Moose roles. Prior to that release,
+Role::Tiny did not provide C<DOES>.
-See L<https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=79747>.
-Moo's role system is based on Role::Tiny, and consequently has the same
+Moo's role system is based on Role::Tiny.
 See also:

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 			a dcs:Documentation, dcs:Removal;
 			label "Remove references to Object-DOES in documentation.";
+		item [
+			a dcs:Documentation;
+			label "Revise documentation about Role::Tiny/Moo::Role's lack of DOES; it is now implemented.";
+		];