Toby Inkster committed f65dc69

those regexps should suffice

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 has _remaining => (is => "rw");
 has _tokens    => (is => "rw");
-# XXX - May be able to get better regexps from Trine?
 my $nameStartChar  = qr{A-Za-z_\x{00C0}-\x{00D6}\x{00D8}-\x{00F6}\x{00F8}-\x{02FF}\x{0370}-\x{037D}\x{037F}-\x{1FFF}\x{200C}-\x{200D}\x{2070}-\x{218F}\x{2C00}-\x{2FEF}\x{3001}-\x{D7FF}\x{F900}-\x{FDCF}\x{FDF0}-\x{FFFD}\x{10000}-\x{EFFFF}};
 my $nameStartChar2 = qr{A-Za-yz\x{00C0}-\x{00D6}\x{00D8}-\x{00F6}\x{00F8}-\x{02FF}\x{0370}-\x{037D}\x{037F}-\x{1FFF}\x{200C}-\x{200D}\x{2070}-\x{218F}\x{2C00}-\x{2FEF}\x{3001}-\x{D7FF}\x{F900}-\x{FDCF}\x{FDF0}-\x{FFFD}\x{10000}-\x{EFFFF}};
 my $nameChar       = qr{A-Za-z_\x{00C0}-\x{00D6}\x{00D8}-\x{00F6}\x{00F8}-\x{037D}\x{037F}-\x{1FFF}\x{200C}-\x{200D}\x{2070}-\x{218F}\x{2C00}-\x{2FEF}\x{3001}-\x{D7FF}\x{F900}-\x{FDCF}\x{FDF0}-\x{FFFD}\x{10000}-\x{EFFFF}\x{00B7}\x{203F}\x{2040}0-9-};
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