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change =for command to make it less weird-looking

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 		my ($method, $input) = @_;
 		my $tmp;
-		my $p = "TOBYINK::Pod::HTML::Helper"->new;
-		$p->accept_targets(__PACKAGE__);
+		my $p = (__PACKAGE__."::Helper")->new;
+		$p->accept_targets(qw/ highlighter /);
 		return $tmp;
 		# Non-useful comments
 		$_->parentNode->removeChild($_) for
-			grep { not /for TOBYINK::Pod::HTML/ }
+			grep { not /for (highlighter)/ }
 		# Drop these <a name> elements
 =head2 Alternative Syntax Highlighting
-=for TOBYINK::Pod::HTML language=Text
+=for highlighter language=Text
 This module defines an additional Pod command to change the language for
 syntax highlighting. To tell TOBYINK::Pod::HTML to switch to, say, Haskell
 instead of the default (Perl), just use:
-   =for TOBYINK::Pod::HTML language=Haskell
+   =for highlighter language=Haskell
 Then all subsequent code samples will be highlighted as Haskell, until
 another such command is seen.
 The following command can be used to switch to plain text syntax highlighting
 (i.e. no highlighting at all):
-   =for TOBYINK::Pod::HTML language=Text
+   =for highlighter language=Text
-=for TOBYINK::Pod::HTML language=Perl
+=for highlighter language=Perl
 =head1 SEE ALSO
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