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borrow trial version bundling idea from Type::Params

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 use inc::Module::Package 'RDF:tobyink 0.012';
+use strict;
+use warnings;
+if (-d ".hg") # I am the author
+	use lib "lib";
+	require Types::XSD;
+	if ("Types::XSD"->VERSION =~ /_/) # only for dev releases
+	{
+		my $SOURCE = "../p5-type-tiny/lib";
+		my $DEST   = "inc";
+		require PIR;
+		my $iter = "PIR"->new->file->name("*.pm")->iter($SOURCE, { relative => 1 });
+		while (my $module = $iter->())
+		{
+			"Module::Install::Admin"->copy("$SOURCE/$module" => "$DEST/$module");
+		}
+	}
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