Toby Inkster avatar Toby Inkster committed 14c18b5

remove usage of Path::Class from test case

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 use lib 't/lib';
 use File::Temp qw();
-use Path::Class qw();
+use Path::Tiny qw();
 use Test::More;
 use Web::ID;
 use Web::ID::Certificate::Generator;
 our @PEOPLE = qw(alice bob carol david eve);
 our %Certificates;
-my $tmpdir = Path::Class::Dir->new( File::Temp->newdir );
+my $tmpdir = "Path::Tiny"->tempdir;
 sub tmpfile
-	return $tmpdir->file(@_) if @_;
+	return $tmpdir->child(@_) if @_;
 	return $tmpdir;
 my $eve = Web::ID->new(certificate => $Certificates{eve});
 ok(!$eve->valid, 'eve is evil!');
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