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 =head2 Gepok
 L<Gepok> is one of a very small number of PSGI-compatible web servers that
-supports HTTPS natively. As of 0.19 it does not request client certificates,
-however there is a fork which provides client certificate support at
-L<>, which will hopefully be merged into
-the release versions of Gepok at some point in the near future.
-This still doesn't give you the certificate in C<< $env >> though. I'm
-working on some Plack middleware to do that. It will be released as
-L<Plack::Middleware::GepokX::ModSSL> in due course.
+supports HTTPS natively. As of 0.20 it will request client certificates, but
+you will need to use L<Plack::Middleware::GepokX::ModSSL> in order to make
+the certificate available in the PSGI C<< $env >> hashref.
 =head1 BUGS
 =head1 AUTHOR
 Toby Inkster E<lt>tobyink@cpan.orgE<gt>.