# Introduction This is a library to access FIBEX Databases from ASAM. # Build on Linux (e.g. Debian Testing) Building under Linux works as usual: mkdir build cd build cmake .. make make install DESTDIR=.. make package # Build on Windows (e.g. Windows 7 64-Bit) Building under Windows contains the following steps: * Use cmake-gui * Set "Where is the source code:" to the root directory. * Set "Where to build the binaries:" to folder "build" below the root directory. * Configure and Generate * Open the Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file in the build folder. * Compile it in Release Configuration. # Test Static tests are * Cppcheck (if OPTION_RUN_CPPCHECK is set) * CCCC (if OPTION_RUN_CCCC is set) Dynamic tests are * Unit tests (if OPTION_RUN_TESTS is set) * Example runs (if OPTION_RUN_EXAMPLES is set) * Coverage (if OPTION_USE_LCOV_GCOV is set) The test execution can be triggered using make test # Package The package generation can be triggered using make package # Repository Structure The following files are part of the source code distribution: * src/_project_/ * src/_project_/tests/ The following files are working directories for building and testing: * build/_project_/ The following files are products of installation and building: * bin/ * lib/ * share/doc/_project_/ * share/man/ * include/_project_/ # Wanted features * Comparation of two FIBEXs * Some OPTIONS can be auto detected, e.g. OPTION_USE_CPP11_REGEX or OPTION_USE_CPP11_ENUM_CLASS. Results should be placed in config.h. * cmake target for code beautifier: Astyle or Uncrustify (add_custom_target?)