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The project intends to be compliant with the Automotive SPICE process. In this process ...

A Problem Record ...

  • Identifies the name of submitted and associated contact details
  • Identifies the group/person(s) responsible for providing a fix
  • Includes a description of the problem
  • Identifies classification of the problem (criticality, urgency, relevance etc.)
  • Identifies the status of the reported problem
  • Identifies the target release(s) in which the problem will be fixed
  • Identifies the expected closure date
  • Identifies any closure criteria
  • Identifies re-review actions

A Change Request ...

  • Identifies purpose of change
  • Identifies request status (e.g., open, allocated, implemented, closed)
  • Identifies requester contact information
  • Impacted system(s)
  • Impact to operations of existing system(s) defined
  • Impact to associated documentation defined
  • Criticality of the request, due date

Patches can only be integrated after you've signed a Contributor Agreement with the project owner.

We have a policy that anytime new functionality is added, tests of that functionality should be added to the automated test suite.

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