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This is a library to support the Measurement Data Format (MDF) standard from ASAM.

Normative References:

  • ASAM MDF v4.1.1

Build on Linux (e.g. Debian Testing)

Building under Linux works as usual:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install DESTDIR=..
make package

Build on Windows (e.g. Windows 7 64-Bit)

Building under Windows contains the following steps:

  • Use cmake-gui
  • Set "Where is the source code:" to the root directory.
  • Set "Where to build the binaries:" to folder "build" below the root directory.
  • Configure and Generate
  • Open the Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file in the build folder.
  • Compile it in Release Configuration.


Static tests are

  • Cppcheck (if OPTION_RUN_CPPCHECK is set)
  • CCCC (if OPTION_RUN_CCCC is set)

Dynamic tests are

  • Unit tests (if OPTION_RUN_TESTS is set)
  • Example runs (if OPTION_RUN_EXAMPLES is set)
  • Coverage (if OPTION_USE_LCOV_GCOV is set)

The test execution can be triggered using

make test


The package generation can be triggered using

make package

Repository Structure

The following files are part of the source code distribution:

  • src/project/
  • src/project/tests/

The following files are working directories for building and testing:

  • build/project/

The following files are products of installation and building:

  • bin/
  • lib/
  • share/doc/project/
  • share/man/
  • include/project/

Wanted features

  • Features for a Patch version
  • More intensive tests with v4.0.0, v4.1.0. Possibly compiler switches to compile old versions. Use old examples.
  • Add a function File::setDefaultCompressionLevel(int compressionLevel = Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION).
  • Features for a Minor version
  • Higher level support for extensions, e.g. bus systems.
  • CC: Formular calculation functions for signal values.
  • AT: MD5 checksum support (OpenSSL, GnuTLS)
  • Finalization support
  • Features for a Major version
  • Every block should know its parents to update necessary information.
  • ASAM MDF 3.3.1 support. Might require information hiding.
  • XML support. Delivery of schemas. Need to clarify copyright restrictions first.
  • Reorder support. As documented in ASAM Wiki.
  • Use std:: types, such as uint8_t and std::chrono