This is a library to access Binary Log File (BLF) files from Vector Informatik.

Build on Linux (e.g. Debian Testing)

Building under Linux works as usual:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install DESTDIR=..
make package

Build on Windows (e.g. Windows 7 64-Bit)

Building under Windows contains the following steps:

  • Use cmake-gui
  • Set "Where is the source code:" to the root directory.
  • Set "Where to build the binaries:" to folder "build" below the root directory.
  • Configure and Generate
  • Open the Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file in the build folder.
  • Compile it in Release Configuration.


  • Configure cmake option OPTION_BUILD_TESTS
  • Use ctest to run unit tests

Further options allow to activate coverage and reports:

  • OPTION_USE_GCOV to build with coverage flags
  • OPTION_ADD_LCOV to add lcov targets to generate HTML coverage report


The package generation can be triggered using

make package

Repository Structure

The following files are part of the source code distribution:

  • src/project/
  • src/project/tests/

The following files are working directories for building and testing:

  • build/project/

The following files are products of installation and building:

  • bin/
  • lib/
  • share/doc/project/
  • share/man/
  • include/project/

Wanted features

  • File Append
  • There is currently no transition between little/big endian. Current support is only for little endian machines.
  • There should be setter/getter methods instead of direct member variable access. Also for bit settings. Use std::chrono for all times
  • All pointers should be of type std::unique_ptr to make ownership clear.
  • Plausibility checks for length fields. Check all length and version fields of compliance with original files.
  • Propagate exceptions from threads to main library, to notify user application, e.g. when reading unfinished files.
  • Provide an Unknown object type to be able to read just a blob for all yet unknown object types
  • Rename constants in form of ABC_XYZ to AbcXyz to be conform with coding standard. Breaks compatibility.
  • Provide getter/setter for AppText::reservedAppText1
  • Provide getter/setter for EnvironmentVariable::objectType (ENV_INTEGER, ENV_DOUBLE, ENV_STRING, ENV_DATA)
  • Provide getter/setter for J1708Message::objectType (J1708_MESSAGE, J1708_VIRTUAL_MSG)
  • Replace CompressedFile with std::fstream. Replace UncompressedFile with std::iostream with custom std::streambuf. Drop AbstractFile and use std::iostream instead.
  • Jenkinsfile


  • Implementation is compatible with binlog API version 7.1.0.

Test sources

  • events_from_converter/*.blf have been converted from asc files using original converter under Windows.
    binlog API version was
  • events_from_binlog/*.blf have been generated using the binlog library under Windows.
    binlog API version was