shared /


set -e

apt-get install aptitude

aptitude install xmonad notification-daemon libnotify-bin zsh ipython chromium-browser emacs23 mercurial pyflakes pep8 pylint rxvt-unicode dmenu gmrun trayer vim zenity xclip xsel skype python-mode

sed -i -e '/^Exec/d' -e '$ a Exec=/usr/lib/notification-daemon/notification-daemon' \

hg clone  ssh:// settings

ln -s settings/{.emacs,.xmonad,.zshrc,.zshenv,.Xdefaults,bin,fbin,.emacs.d} ./

read -ei N -p "Reboot now?"

chsh -s "$(which zsh)" "$SUDO_USER"

case "$REPLY" in
    y*|Y*) reboot now
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