1. Todd Hainsworth
  2. gbsh


Basic Linux Shell written in C


Simple Prompt.
Basic commands such as ls, cd, pwd, clear etc etc
Ability to change to root (run as root)
	- sudo-like command coming soon.


Create the 'bin' directory in the root of the project.

Then to compile you just need to execute 'make' under the 'src' directory.
A file 'gbsh' will be generated under 'bin' in the root directory.

Enter 'make install' as the super user(root) to copy 'gbsh' to /usr/local/bin
so you can use it on your system.


Compiling on Mac has been an issue, but this is the solution.

Enter 'make mac'
Enter 'make macinstall'

This will copy gbsh to the '/bin' directory on your harddrive, I was 
forced to place this here because Mac wanted to be a pain and not use


Enter 'make purge' to remove gbsh from '/usr/local/bin/gbsh'. Be aware you
need to be the super user(root) to do so.

Enter 'make purgemac' to remove gbsh from '/bin' on a Mac. You will also 
need to be the super user(root) to do so.


Typing 'make debug' will produce the debugging executable 'gbsh-debug' you can
use this file for debugging purposes, for example using 'gdb gbsh-debug' will
open gbsh in the GNU Debugger.

Extra 'in-shell' debugging will come in the future.