You must have the following tools installed:
* Java 1.5 or greater (
* Ant 1.7 or greater (

Getting Started
Compile GTLang with:


You can then execute code:

  bin/gtlang -e "some code"
  bin/gtlang some_file.gtl

Structure of the language
The runtime model of the language is largely inspired by Ruby. See comments in
source files for more details.

* Everything is on object.
* Each object (GTLangObject) has a class (GTLangClass).
* Objects that relate to Java values (String, Integer, Float, etc) are stored
  in a ValueObject instance.
* The lexer and parser grammars (.g files) are compiled by ANTLR
* The parser creates custom nodes (under src/gtlang/lang/nodes) each one 
  implementing the eval method.
* Each node is evaled on an instance of the Context class.
* Methods of GTLang objects are created in

Language Syntax
The syntax is, again, inspired by Ruby. See the files under test/ for example
use of the language.

Original Source
(c) 2009 Marc-Andre Cournoyer
Modified Source
(c) 2012 GeissT