SIM-IM - SIM Instant Messenger

A simple ICQ client with v8 protocol support (2001) for X win system (requires QT, can be build for KDE). It also runs under MS Windows.

- receiving and sending SMS
- server-side contact list
- receiving and the sending messages in RTF-format
- phone directory support (it is possible to specify an access to the owner phone number - public or friends only)
- file transfers
- chat
- user search
- non-ICQ contacts

SIM supports icon themes from Miranda.
On page 
the wide range of various icon themes suffices.
Load the necessary files and unpack from them dll in the catalogue, 
from which SIM takes icon libraries.

On Qt:
On MS Windows:

Choose in the menu item "Setup". 
In a window of adjustments choose a page "Themes" also choose a subject 
in the list "Icons"

instead of 
	SOUND-Plugin with audiere
	The Sound plugin can be build with mp3, ogg, flac...-support.
	For this modified Sources of audiere is used. 
	Get them here:
	Additionally add 

	#define USE_AUDIERE 

	to the sound.h
	You will need to include libaudiere.(la|lib) and audiere.h to the makefiles for building sound. is the library needed at runtime.
qt-soundsystem should be used...