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Issue #36 open

Separate auto-playlist and other user selectable songs

Bruce Goheen
created an issue

Interesting enhancement idea: it would be nice to have a core playlist which automatically plays, but a separate larger list of songs that can be played by SMS vote. After the selected song plays, it would return to the automated list. If you have a popular house, I suppose you might could set a vote threshold before one of these 'other' songs was played.

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  1. tom enos
    • changed status to open

    Changing from new to open.

    Outline for adding in support of alt playlist

    Add alt vote, alt list, alt play to commands.py, work out command names
    Add support in check_sms.py to process the alt playlist
    Add support in synchronized_lights.py to process the atl playlist and act on it as required.
    Add options to default.cfg section sms and lightshow, options to be determined as needed.
    Add parsing of options to configuration_manager.py and work out state configuration so that we can track the alt playlist

    Does any body have anything to add to the process. Did I miss anything?

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