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Issue #39 resolved

Add line-in audio support.

Todd Giles
repo owner created an issue

The idea here is to add a mode that takes USB soundcard line-in audio, does the FFT in realtime, and controls the lights based upon the audio coming in live. Changes that will need to be made include at least:

(1) Support for line-in audio (see http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=314087#p314087 for sample code doing just that)

(2) Possibly adding back in some sort of floating average / std.dev. calculation that takes the last 10 seconds of audio into account (or 30s?) ... as currently the code calculates the average / std.dev. of each channel after the initial playback using the entire song. This floating average may be useful anyhow for initial playback of songs.

Idea originated from this post:


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  1. Todd Giles reporter

    Initial work done and in the master branch. Still need to add audio-out support while in audio-in mode for those cases where you want to simply daisy-chain your audio-in to the pi, then take the audio back out to speakers, or to be able to have audio-out to the fm transmitter. (pifm)

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