fix divide by zero warning message

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Issue #68 resolved
Todd Giles repo owner created an issue

People get concerned about this warning:

/home/pi/lightshowpi/py/ RuntimeWarning: divide by zero encountered in log10 :piff(frequency_limits[i][1], chunk_size, sample_rate):1]))

It isn't adversely affecting anything, but we should still fix it / clean it up.

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  1. Todd Giles reporter

    That's what i thought - thanks Tom for the reminder! (I knew I'd get my answer quickly by filing this issue)

  2. tom enos

    I could bring it into stable. I think my test code when I was working on it should integrate into stable with out a lot of effort. But is it worth it?

  3. Todd Giles reporter

    No - leave it out of stable ... let's target a stable release of v 1.2 just after Christmas, sound good? (basically pull the current master to stable, and then decide on goals for a v2 that we can begin working towards)

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