Due date colours switch to red sooner than expected

Issue #120 resolved
Eric Reynard created an issue

See attached. I suspect that the colour behind the due dates is switching based on UTC time, rather than local time. In the evening of the 22nd, the tests due on the 23rd show up as red.

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  1. Randle Taylor

    Thanks Eric. Yes, looks like I missed a conversion to local time in that comparison. I will make sure it's fixed for next release.

  2. Matthew Sauder

    Should the .date() really be appended in these cases? I had a physicist asking me why some tests would show as due so early, ex - a shutdown test has a listed due_date of 4:10PM March 15, 2017 (auto-scheduled) but shows due when I check first thing on the morning of March 15. I would expect it to show due after 4:10PM.

  3. Randle Taylor

    Hi @msauder , due dates were never intended to be any more granular than a date. I can see where it's confusing since we include the time in the display, but I'd rather just remove the time from due date displays.

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