Reduce dependence on red and/or green colour shades

Issue #121 resolved
Eric Reynard created an issue

The red and green (indicating pass/fail or due/overdue) are a very similar shade/brightness. People with red-green color blindness/defficiency may have trouble distinguishing pass vs. beyond action.

Certain pages, such as reviewing a test list, show pass/fail solely by colour. It would be great to have an exclamation mark, or change in shape of the coloured rectangle, to display tolerance and action levels.

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  1. Randle Taylor

    Yes, the red-green color blindness has been pointed out to me before and this definitely needs to change. Issue #95 is similar in that it calls for these colours to be customizable, but I like the idea of having little icons alongside the results to indicate pass/fail status.

  2. Randle Taylor

    Resolved in pull request #11.

    In a later version we would like to make showing the icons an option configurable by the end user. Issue #95 will be expanded to include this configuration option.

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