Edit/Review always possible, also for 'approved' tests

Issue #134 on hold
Wenze van Klink created an issue

At the moment data can always be edited/reviewed. I think that on the statuses model there should be a boolean: unalterable This can than be used with an 'approved' status if people want that.

TestInstances with this 'unalterable' boolean set to true then should be unable to edit/review.

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  1. Randle Taylor

    Hi Wenze,

    As part of the future development of QATrack+ I am think seriously about how to archive data permanently, both for performance reasons (we already have almost 500 000 TestInstances in our DB!) and to prevent inadvertent modification of accepted test results.

    I am investigating the possibility of implementing an archive db (for example, a data warehouse using something like a star-schema) where once data is reviewed/approved it will get moved to the archive and frozen permanently.

    With that in mind I think I would prefer to hold off on implementing this feature for now.

  2. Wenze van Klink reporter

    Ok, sounds like a good idea. I have no experience with the performance yet so I will trust you on this.

    Will remain on our wishlist :)

  3. Matt Bolt

    Just thought i'd mention that we have thought that a similar thing would eb useful. In our case we are changing standard beam output figures, and once this is done if someone decided to go back and edit a previous set of results then it would recalculate with the new (incorrect at the time of the original test) values.

    Rather than a complete archive, we were thinking about allowing edits after approval, but only with some additional user rights. This might be achieved with some sort of 'archive' tag (one step on from what we consider approved) which locks results down a bit more.

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