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Issue #141 resolved
Wenze van Klink created an issue

At the moment a TestList (TL) only has a name. For us this is not sufficient. Example: We have a TL named 'Mechanical' for three types of machines (Varian: Novalis, Trilogy, TrueBeam). Now I have to name the TL's

  • Mechanical Novalis
  • Mechanical Trilogy
  • Mechanical TrueBeam

This makes sense in the admin, because you can easily find the TL which belongs to a certain machine type. This doesn't make sense in the user interface. Because you already select a unit on which you wan't to perform QA, so it is not necessary to show the unit type in the TL display name.

Proposal: Add extra required field on TL: display name Migration: use current name as display name

Randle do you agree with this?

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  1. Randle Taylor

    Hi Wenze,

    The "name" field is already meant to be a display name. The name field does not have to be unique, only the slug has a uniqueness constraint on it.

    Could you name all three of your lists .Mechanical and set the slug for each one to mechanical-novalis, mechanical-trilogy, mechanical-truebeam?

    To make them easy to tell apart in the admin we could just add the slug to the TestListAdmin list_display paramter like the attached image shows.

  2. Wenze van Klink reporter

    Ow I thought that the names had to be unique, but I actually didn't check it. So your suggestion would be great!

  3. Randle Taylor

    Cool... I will make the change to the admin :)

    Going to test out your copy references feature today too.

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