If you select the current day in 'Work Started', have the time be set to 'now'

Issue #145 resolved
Eric Reynard created an issue

During morning QA, we had a user that manually selected the current day (they opened the calendar to confirm). He did not notice that this defaulted the time to 19:30. Upon submitting results, he was greeted with a "Work started date/time can not be in the future".

This is not a big issue (the user should have noted the time), but, as a minor request perhaps when one selects the current date, then the current time could also be populated as the default.

Alternately, perhaps something like https://github.com/xdan/datetimepicker could be used, to help highlight the time in the picker.

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  1. Randle Taylor

    Seems reasonable to me. Thanks for the link to that library. I'm not a huge fan of the calendar picker we're currently using and that one looks like a really nice replacement.

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