Auto-review exception for tests with comments

Issue #179 resolved
Eric Reynard created an issue

We have set the auto-review for most of our tests and very much like this feature.

However, it would be great if the auto-review gets disabled, regardless of the pass-fail status, anytime that there is a comment associated with either the test instance or the test list instance.

This would help to ensure that every single comment gets seen by QA admins/reviewers.

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  1. rmagqa

    We are having this issue, seems like if a test is at tolerance or action level and has a comment it gets auto-reviewed. Any suggestions? Or how to "force a review if a comment is present regardless of autoreview setting"?

    Thanks, Amanda

  2. Randle Taylor

    Hi Amanda, in the next version any test with a comment will force a review. The best you can do right now is remove any auto review rules for tolerance or action level tests that are present so they will never be auto reviewed.

  3. rmagqa

    I figured out what our main issue was - that our default status was set to auto-review. So when the auto-review rule (action => unreviewed or tolerance => unreviewed) was 'overridden' by having a comment, it reverted back to the default of auto-reviewed. I changed the default to unreviewed and now it is working.

    Thanks for your response, Amanda

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