Skipping without comment for some but not others.

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Philip Au created an issue

Is there a way to tag certain tests such that any user can skip with comment, hence overriding the group permissions?

We do have a lot of tests that might be skipped for any given day, and if we require every single one to be commented it will be too time consuming.


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  1. Randle Taylor

    Currently no way for a test to override a users permissions like that. What I would suggest is using Categories to group the tests that might be skipped on a given day and then using the filter (Performing a subset of a test list when performing a test list to hide/skip the categories you don't want to perform that day.

  2. Philip Au reporter

    Hi Randle,

    I am trying to perform the above using categories as suggested, but it seems that if you switch categories, the results entered do not persist. Radio button swaps states depending on which one it was on before.

    Thanks, Philip

  3. Randle Taylor

    I've had issues with radio buttons and filtering before so will have to look at it.

    When you filter the test list, all the tests that are filtered out are marked as Skipped, a "Category not performed" comment is added to those tests and their results are cleared. This is by design since you can't submit a test list with tests that are skipped and have values entered in them.

    The workflow that would generally be used is: Load page, select all the categories you are going to perform that day, perform tests, submit. Definitely open to how we can improve on this though.

  4. Philip Au reporter

    ok that makes sense, what I was doing was actually de-selecting then selecting a category again so the values were cleared.

    I have a test item where it uses the meta tag to select the chamber set used (if nothing then defaults to the home set), it will not be used very often, so it's usually skipped, but then I want the operator to leave a comment for other tests that are compulsory, and there's currently no way to force it to act that way.

    One way that might work is instead of defaulting to show "All" categories, if I can default to a list of daily compulsory tests + weekly, and if I need to add on the optional I can.

    Thanks, I will try to see if we can suggest a change in our workflow to encounter this. Philip

  5. Randle Taylor
    • changed status to open

    A "Skip Requires Comment" field with a default of "Yes" will be added. If this is set to no for a test then no comment will be required when skipping regardless of whether they have 'skip without comment' permissions.

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