Tolerance/action level naming

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Pankaj Kumar created an issue


I wonder would it be possble to order the tests by date or to be able to pick a date range and only show tests due up to a given date?

Also is it possible to re-name the tolerance or action levels? In this department we tend to refer to optimal results and tolerance. Or is it possible to add in additional tolerance levels?



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  1. Randle Taylor

    Hi Demo,

    In the next version you can finally order the test lists by due date (that was a seriously lacking feature).

    You can't currently rename "Action" or "Tolerance" but I agree that would be useful.

    "Or is it possible to add in additional tolerance levels?" I'm not sure this is what you mean, but you can add as many tolerance levels as you want by going to admin/qa/tolerance and clicking "Add Tolerance" at the top right corner.

  2. Tom Burrows

    Thanks for the speedy reply.

    Great news about the due date ordering, that will be a nice feature.

    What I meant by having additional tolerances I meant different levels within the same tolerance e.g. instead of action/tolerance you could have action/tolerance/optimal but it would be more beneficial to be able to change the names.

    Its a pretty trivial request as I can get the rads and engineers used to new terms but it would be great to be able to name them.



  3. Randle Taylor

    Ah ok I see. I think adding a third level should be possible down the line. For sure I can make the names customizable in the next version.

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