Adding tolerance for a boolean test (DEBUG)

Issue #214 resolved
Philip Au created an issue


The issue that we are having is a certain subset of boolean tests within a test list, even the response of the user is "No" = Action, is it possible to change this on a test item basis?

The test we currently have is the functionality of the DEBUG terminal. Even when the input is "No", it doesn't have to flag as Action level (as the message DO NOT TREAT will come up), but instead we would like for it to flag as a warning. But only for this test. Is this possible?

Thanks, Philip

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  1. Randle Taylor

    Hi Philip,

    I can see your it's not possible to change on a test by test basis. I'll take a look at implementing boolean tolerances for v0.3.0 but In the meantime, you could use a multiple choice test instead.

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