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Philip Au created an issue

There's been an intermittent issue where the username associated with approval of a test wasn't captured. So the test status will show up as "Reviewed none by none".

I am certain this isn't the case with auto-approval as some tests fell into the tolerance band.

Is there any reliable way to check for this?

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  1. Randle Taylor

    Hi Philip,

    Thanks for reporting this. I think this is mostly just a display bug. If a test is performed and is auto reviewed and assigned a status that does not require review (e.g. because it is passing), then it will have reviewed_by set to None because no one has actually reviewed the test (since it was auto reviewed). I think I can make it more clear in the display of these results what is actually happening.


  2. Philip Au reporter

    Hi Randle,

    That's right, I know when review none by none happens when the whole test list is auto reviewed. The problem we're having is one of our engineers actually had to review the list since a few items were out of spec. So his name should've shown as the items were not autoapproved.

    Thanks, Philip

  3. Randle Taylor

    Hmmm, I'm not sure how that would be possible. If they went and reviewed a qa session (not edited an existing session) and clicked "Update Test Statuses" their names should have been assigned to reviewed_by (there's only one code path when reviewing a test list so I don't understand how their name wouldn't be set). If they instead edited the test list and changed the values so that the tests were passing then when they saved the test list again it would get auto reviewed and reviewed_by would still be set to None.

  4. Philip Au reporter

    That was my initial thought, i will check with them again to see if there might be a workflow issue. Technically it's either it gets captured or it doesn't. Should be straight forward. Will keep this updated on my findings. Thanks, Philip

  5. Randle Taylor

    Haven't been able to reproduce yet, and suspect it was a case of not re saving the test list after it was manually reviewed after being auto reviewed. Please reopen if you can figure out how to reproduce this issue reliably!

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