PDF Export or History View for print to PDF

Issue #220 resolved
Chalampalakis, Zacharias created an issue


It would be very useful for sites that require paper backup of QA results to enable export of historic data directly to PDF or include an HTML view with test result and tolerances which can be then printed to PDF/ paper.

I will try to incorporate ReportLab (see example here) into QAtrack+

I am relatively new to django so I might not be very successful


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  1. Randle Taylor

    Thanks Zach. I agree this would be a nice feature. I would probably recommend (at least to start with) generating html with a template and then allowing the browser to print to pdf (this is the same approach we take with generating backup forms). You don't have quite as much control over the end product but it will be significantly easier to implement than using ReportLab .

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