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Simon Biggs created an issue

I have played around with qatrackplus and docker with the purpose of making installation on new machines easier. Here is my initial result:

Install docker:

Run the following in a command prompt / terminal:

docker pull simonbiggs/qatrackplus && docker run -d -t -p 80:80 simonbiggs/qatrackplus

In browser go to http:/localhost (username password is admin admin)

At the moment the database isn't saved anywhere, however if I was to instead use the official postgres docker image I should be able to achieve this:

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  1. Simon Biggs reporter

    Have managed to "dockerise" the py34 branch. It has a persistent database. Will soon implement database backing up to file. Currently I have just written a few helper bash scripts. I'll set these up so they happen automatically as needed within the docker image. That way they don't need to be thought about and they will run on a Windows docker installation as well.

    To take the dockerised py34 branch for a spin head on over to:

  2. Randle Taylor

    Just wanted to say thanks to @SimonGBiggs for looking into this. I was able to install Docker (also needed to install Docker Compose) and get a QATrack+ installation up and running very easily. This is looking like an extremely promising way to ease installation/upgrading headaches!

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