Test list not updated for in-progress test

Issue #255 wontfix
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I created a test list, and began a test but submitted it as 'in progress'. I then edited the test list and returned to the test, but the test list hasn't been updated for the 'in progress' test. Note that a new test DOES show the updated test list


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  1. Randle Taylor

    Hi Robin,

    This is actually by design. Once a test list has been submitted, editing it will only ever include the tests that were present at the time it was submitted. That way if someday you add a test to a testlist, when you go back edit a historical test list instance, the new test will not be included since it wasn't actually being performed at the time. I suppose you could make an argument that if a test list is in progress, it could include the new test, but I think that surely is a very rare case and probably doesn't justify adding code to handle that edge case.

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