Requesting permission to bump docker python up to 3.6

Issue #267 resolved
Simon Biggs created an issue

Hi Randle,

I wanted to check with you whether or not it would be okay to bump the docker python version up to 3.6? There were a few niceties that 3.5 and 3.6 introduced which I would appreciate being able to make use of within test building.

Not sure if it should be the default though for everyone, so I wanted to check with you.

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  1. Randle Taylor

    I think we need to ensure the QATrack+ test suite passes on 3.4-3.6 since 3.4 is the default Python on Ubuntu 14.04. If you just want to write composite tests that make use of 3.5+ features but not use for QATrack+ application code I think that should be ok.

  2. Simon Biggs reporter

    Sounds good. When I said "tests" I actually meant QATrack physics tests. I think to avoid confusion when referring to the programmatic automatic testing suit of the qatrack package I think I'll refer to each as either program tests or physics tests.

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