Calculation Context & Dependencies

Issue #275 resolved
Randle Taylor created an issue

Intermediate variables get carried along in the calculation context of composite calculations, but if they are used in another calculation there is no guarantee that things will be calculated in the correct order since the dependency graph is based on macro names only. These intermediate values should either be cleared before every composite calculation (safest) or incorporated in the dependency graph somehow.

See discussion here:!topic/qatrack/2HVcLNVQSmo

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  1. Randle Taylor reporter

    Hi @rmagqa there's no way to currently explicitly clear any intermediate variables. Instead you should just recalculate any intermediate results you need in each calculation procedure.

  2. Randle Taylor reporter

    Resolved by 9115fe8. Calculation context is now cleared of temporary variables between evaluating composite tests. In future it might be nice to have a method of sharing intermediate values between test procedures (tricky to get dependency orders of calculations involving temp variables correct though).

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