Therapists couldn't see any tests

Issue #283 resolved
Ryan Studinski created an issue

Therapists start their morning doing two of their three assigned daily tests. Physicist comes onto the unit, logs in and does their ad-hoc tests, logs out. Therapists log back in, they can no longer see any of their tests. Call in physics to explain why. Physicist figures out that filtering was set to ad-hoc frequency by physicist and that option stayed "checked" when users were switched. Therapists don't have access to ad-hoc tests, so couldn't uncheck the filtering. The physicist logged in, unchecked the filtering, logged out, therapy logged back in and all was right in the world.

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  1. Ryan Studinski reporter

    I should add that this only affected that particular treatment unit. The therapists could see the daily tests for the other treatment units fine.

  2. Randle Taylor
    • changed status to open

    Confirmed this bug. It's a problem with the DataTables state being stored in a cookie. When a different user logs in the cookie still exists and hence the filter is applied. We may be able to circumvent this by switching to using localStorage and including a per user/session key name for storing state.

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