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Cody Crewson created an issue

This idea started after finding the 'issue tracker' in 0.3.0. I see a few use cases

  1. When a user notices a bug or other issue with the software that needs to be addressed. this could include requests to add information, such as tags, people, rights, etc.
  2. When an rt needs to log an error message or other issue. This would be coded as a sort of black box or issue archive submission
  3. When a Physicist notices something either through QA or through other means that will involve more than one request for service event to fix, or where it may involve different groups performing different actions on different days. This is most useful in situations where the most responicible physicist changes due to scheduling in the middle of an issue's resolution
  4. For keeping track of annual events like PMI's that may require multiple service events and could be logged at the beginning of the year.
  5. For tracking ambiguous issues where one may need to attempt and document multiple solutions

Features for this task 1. Keep the current issue tracker and build upon it 1. The ability to add, at initial or as updates, screenshots or other attachments 1. the ability to add links to existing service requests, active or completed 1. the ability to create new service events 1. the ability to request QA actions with notes about amendments to SOP 1. the ability to assign people, or groups to any of these requrests 1. That any reporting system implemented should be able to query over these issues

Comments (6)

  1. Ryan Bottema

    Neat. I never thought my quick and dirty addition of the issue tracker would have any appeal as an actual feature. I think the best path for it would be to rip it out for 0.3.0, leaving it in another branch to be revisited for a future version.

  2. Randle Taylor

    +1 on removing from 0.3.0 in favour of a later version. I think the idea has merit but will require more effort than can be put in before this release!

  3. Randle Taylor

    @crcrewso I just pushed a commit (147c0e08 ) that hides the existing issue tracker by default. If you want to use it in its existing form you will be able to set USE_ISSUES = True in local_setttings.py with the caveat that there are no guarantees about how it will look/function in future.

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