Changing references for a test list in progress only half updates

Issue #339 resolved
Ryan Studinski created an issue

A test list was created and partially filled out. Before submitting it was realized that one of the references was incorrect and the test list was saved as in progress. The reference was changed. Upon continuing the test that was in progress, the calculation and tolerance/action colour reflected the new reference, but the value in the reference column still indicated the original reference value.

Note in attached picture, original reference was 20.5, the new reference is 20.05. 19.828 is -1.1% of 20.05 while the reference shows as 20.5.

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  1. Randle Taylor

    Thanks @RyanStudinski ! This is definitely a (fairly serious) bug. In most cases, when editing a test list that has already been saved, the reference value needs to be the same as it was when the test list was initially performed (that way editing a test list from a year ago uses the same reference value from when it was performed, not whatever the reference value is now). However, I think in the case of an in-progress list, you could make the argument that the reference used should be the most recent reference rather than the reference that was set when the test list was started. This would allow your use case of updating an incorrect reference for an in-progress test list. Please chime in with your opinions @xtal and @ryanbottema

  2. Randle Taylor

    After sleeping on it, I decided that updating references for In-Progress lists is rare enough occurrence that it probably does not justify the added complexity it would require to treat them differently from the way test list instances are normally edited. For now any test list instance that is edited, will use the reference and tolerance values as they were set at the time the test list instance was initiated. Please speak up if anyone disagrees!

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