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Cody Crewson created an issue

in your instructions on


cd C:\deploy
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
python -m venv .\venvs\qatrack3

should be

source .\venvs\qatrack3\Scripts\activate

according to

I think you're using fish.

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  1. Cody Crewson reporter

    Oh, that makes sense, though for power shell wouldn't you need to reference activate.ps1

    Additionally on the same page could you change python -V to python --version. The change of -v to -V sent me into a bit of a google hole today

  2. Randle Taylor

    You don't need to include the .ps1 extension. I think maybe Windows just automagically infers which file is executable the same way you don't need to include the .exe for launching a binary executable...I'm no Windows expert though.

    Changing to the long form version arg seems prudent. Thanks!

  3. Cody Crewson reporter

    In PS on my 2012 R2 install it wouldn't work so that's why I switched back to bash. Maybe its something in my permissions

  4. Randle Taylor

    Gah! The subtle differences between Windows versions is so frustrating. I'll add the .ps1 extension.

    Thanks also for the headsup on CherryPy...think that is a result of a bad merge.

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