Avoid recalculating composite tests when non-dependencies change

Issue #376 open
Randle Taylor created an issue

From: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/qatrack/2OFLyduAVe8

It should be possible to pre-compute the dependency graph and pass that to the browser so composite calculations are only triggered when a dependency changes.

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  1. Stefan Michalowski

    Also, another feature would be to have some boolean to say if the composite was already executed or not, then the code in the composite could check for that boolean.. Or maybe a timestamp that would allow to recalculate only if more than x seconds/minutes have passed since the last calculation.

  2. Cody Crewson

    We'd love this. Right now we have some queries that actually query an independant database. The whole query logic is wrapped in an if statement that prevents the queries from running until the user says true to one bool test. I had assumed that the queries would only run once, but now I'm thinking they run once per each downstream test value being entered.

  3. Randle Taylor reporter

    Thanks for the suggestion on wrapping in an if statement. A bit hacky, but gets the job done until I complete the changes required to do this automatically.

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