Service event : prepopulate tests to be completed according to selected unit and service area

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Vincent Leduc created an issue

For a Service event, it would be very useful to define mappings between service areas and test lists to be completed.

This is because a physicist might not realize from the start all the implications of some service action. Therefore, it is not always obvious which test lists to select in the "Return to Service QA" section of the form.

If the form were to include, say, a "Service action", then we could associate the proper test lists to that specific action.

For example, when the following are selected:

  • Unit: linac 1
  • Service area: CBCT
  • Service type: extensive
  • Service action: new x-ray tube installed

then "Return to Service QA" test lists autopopulate with the following test lists:

  • New flexmaps
  • Catphan
  • CTDI measurements
  • exposure, kV, mAs checks for CBCT and planar presets
  • Winston-Lutz test

So essentially, there would be a mapping between {Unit, Service Area, Service Type, Service Action} and, maybe, a test list instance (in which the required test lists could be included as sublists)? The Service Actions would have to be user-configurable.

Such a mechanism would allow admins to define the necessary tests for every service action and facilitate the task of the physicist handling the service event.

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  1. Vincent Leduc reporter

    You're welcome Randle. I just had an idea, but you do all the hard work! Let me know if I can help somehow.

    Actually, we have been using at my clinic such a home-made system that lists tests to be done for each service event, and we have been very pleased. I think it improved quality and security.

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