Machine Fault Log

Issue #411 open
Randle Taylor created an issue

Service log could be used in its current state for logging machine faults/interrupts, but it is not ideal for this currently. A useful subsection of Service Log might be the addition of a Machine Fault / Interrupt log.

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  1. Randle Taylor reporter

    @Marc Chamberland Can you detail what fields/other things you would like to record for faults/interrupts?

  2. Marc Chamberland

    @Randle Taylor Let me check with our team what they would like to record. I’ll get back to you next week on this.

  3. Marc Chamberland

    Here are some ideas. Some of those might be redundant.

    · Unit (obviously!)

    · Time of fault / interrupt

    · Description of fault

    · Beam energy and modality being used (6X, 12E, etc.)

    · Technique (VMAT, conformal arcs, 3D, etc.)

    · Machine down time

    · Engineering / Physics notified

    · Therapist who reported the issue

    · If a repair is needed, then it could link to a Service Event in QATrack+

  4. Marc Chamberland

    Talking with our engineer, even a very basic list including only the unit, the fault, the date/time, and a comment box for the rest would be useful.

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